Open concept rooms and how to design them

Knock down walls

The easiest way to create an open concept room is to knock out the walls that divide the living room and kitchen. This will open up the spaces and make it easier for you and your guests to move between the two rooms.

Before you take a sledgehammer to your walls, make sure your home improvement contractor has looked at the structure of your home. Some walls are what home improvement contractors call “load-bearing walls,” which simply means that these walls are holding up your home and they shouldn’t be taken down. 

Just because you can’t take down the whole wall, however, doesn’t mean you have to put your plans on hold. Your contractor will work with you to come up with alternate solutions to fit your home’s structural design.

A good home renovation in Baltimore starts with a conversation with a talented contractor. Have an expert look at the structural design of your home before you start taking down walls.

Add a kitchen island to create a barrier

With some open concept designs, your room can become too open. You don’t have a concrete kitchen or living room, and it feels as if your sink is right in the living room. You need to clearly define each room, but in a way that keeps the fluidity of an open concept room.

Enter the kitchen island. These stylish kitchen additions create an easy barrier that defines one room from the other. Because the islands aren’t blocking the view from one room to the other, you won’t feel cut off from the party if you’re cooking in the kitchen.

Islands can also be used as extra seating space. Slide two or three bar stools under the hanging side of the island. The stools will be out of the way when you don’t have extra guests. When you’re cooking for guests, your guests won’t have to stand in your way in the kitchen to speak with you. They can relax at the kitchen island.

Connect the rooms by design

Blending the designs of two different rooms can be tricky, but if you know what you need, then your home improvement contractor can help you the rest of the way. 

To make the rooms seem more fluid, use the same type of flooring in each room. Hardwood floors are a favorite pick for many homeowners, but if you’re worried your feet will be cold, try a large area rug for your living room. This will enhance your design while keeping the floors consistent throughout. 

Lighting fixtures don’t have to be the same for both rooms, but they should complement each other. Choose similar styles with different functions. In the living room or dining room, you may want something big to light up the room, but in the kitchen, don’t need that function. You need something smaller and more concentrated so you can see what you’re doing.


Once your home renovations in Baltimore are complete, it’s time to create a design that will connect both rooms. Continuity brings the whole design together and makes the rooms feel more open so choose colors that can work for both rooms.



So tell us, what do you love most about open concept rooms? Share with us!


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