Cool ways to renovate your attic​



<h2>Create an exceptional master bedroom</h2>

If you and your spouse are tired of sharing a floor with your children, move your room to the next level. Attic master bedrooms are more private, as they’re the only rooms on the floor. If your children are a little older, moving one floor up will give you and your spouse more privacy, and you won’t be bothered by noisy games, music and TV shows.

Attics sometimes lack good lighting, so add slanted skylight windows to brighten the room. You’ll have plenty of natural light during the day and a beautiful view of the stars at night. Add dormer shades to the windows to keep the room warm at night.

<h2>Fun for the kids</h2>

When a house doesn’t have a designated playroom, toys seem to end up everywhere. You step on Legos when you go up the stairs, and you can barely see your couch under all those stuffed animals. With a playroom in the attic, you can take back your main floor and make it adult-friendly once again.

Attic playrooms give children a safe place to play and have fun. Because the room is tucked away from guests, your children can leave out their toys and messes for as long as they’d like.

Of course, your attic should still have storage options. Speak with your general contractor about adding custom-built storage units to go along the walls. This especially helps attics with slanted ceilings. The storage units protrude out, make the slant less pronounced, and your children will have places for all of their toys.

<h2>Office hideaway</h2>

There’s nothing better than a work-from-home day, but when you don’t have a quiet place to work, you’ll never get anything done. With the right general contractor and a good home improvement plan, an attic can become a quiet space for you to get your work done without any distractions.

Minimalism works best for an office attic. That means no TVs, children’s books or family computers. The office should have your desk, a filing cabinet or two and several bookshelves. Keep the colors more neutral, simple blues and greens. You’ll feel less distracted.


The best home improvement projects make your life easier and add good value to your home. Though a plan to renovate your attic can be costly, you’d be surprised how adding just a little more square footage to your home can make all the difference in its functionality. Speak with a general contractor and get started on your big renovation project.

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