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handyman servicesImagine this, you're sitting in front of the television with your family watching a movie. Out of the corner of your eye you see a crack on the wall. You get up to inspect and see that it runs up the entire length of the wall. Your curiosity is piqued so you decide to walk around and see what else is wrong. The door? Creaks. The window? Leaks. Kitchen tile? Chipped. You're too busy, whether it be with work or with the kids, you just don’t have the time to fix it. Then you remember last week when your neighbor had a handyman!

Handyman Services offer 8 hours out of the day where you get to kick back and relax and have someone come and fix all of those troubles for you. Whether it be painting a room, or maybe even laying down some new floors in your living room, a Handyman can do just about anything, and for a good price, too. When you need a job done in your home, whether it be flooring, countertops, and maybe some doors being replaced, you tend to think that you might need a contractor or some big name company to come out and charge an arm and a leg for it, but that’s not the case at all.

The best thing about handyman services is that they charge an hourly rate, as opposed to a flat rate per job that contractors and other services charge. Meaning that if it only takes an hour and a half for a handyman to finish a job, you can still have them fix other things while they’re there AND it will still be cheaper than using a large contractor.

fix contractorsAccording to Home Advisor, the national average rate for a handyman is only $77 an hour. At FIX Contractors, our rate is $55 per hour, with a $10 discount on the first day. That means for 8 hours of fixing doors, cracks, creaky floorboards, and more using the average company, you're going to be paying $616 when using FIX would’ve only cost you $360! Not only are we cheaper than the average company, but we are better!

Of course, there are jobs that are going to need licensed professionals. In most states, handyman services are not allowed to perform any jobs that require MHIC licenses. These jobs include Electrical work, HVAC, or plumbing. Fortunately, FIX Contractors is MHIC licensed. So not only can we do those creaky floorboards, we can fix that flickering light and that leaky faucet too!

What really matters in life? Not the crack or the leaky faucet. Spending time with your family. Telling them you love them. It’s hard to do these things when so many small jobs around the house are stressing you out. What can you do? Call FIX Contractors today for a free handyman consultation at (410) 917-0008

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