How to choose a Janitorial service for your business

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Choosing a janitorial service is not something you should take lightly. You will be counting on it to maintain the cleanliness of your workplace. Without that, your employees will not be able to focus on their work properly. Not to mention the health hazards a messy and dirty workplace would pose, particularly in the time of a pandemic! However, how to choose a janitorial service for your business that panders to all of its needs perfectly? Well, we hope this guide will help you with that task! 

Brush up on the prices and quality of local services

The basis of looking for a janitorial service that is just 'right' does not lie in finding the highest quality service possible. Yes, quality is, of course, important. However, what is even more important is that you strike the perfect balance between quality and cost. Whether the company you choose is the most technologically advanced, accommodating, and professional janitorial service in town does not matter. If you cannot sustain the cost they are asking for long-term without eating into your profits in an unhealthy way, they are not the right service for you. So, step one is researching the prices versus the supposed quality of service in your area. The veracity of the latter claim you will confirm later. What's essential is arming yourself with information!

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Reputation with the locals is also a significant potential avenue for information!

Ask for references

When you need to choose a janitorial service for your business, you need to know where to start digging. You want to contact several of the current employers of the services you are considering. And then a few of the employers who had given up their contracts with them! Their current partners will shed light on whether they are capable of the quality of service they proclaim. Their past associates will explain what had led them to cancel their contract. If their past experience and what led to the split seems like it would be relevant to you, then you likely do not want to hire them, not if you would only go down the same road of calling the cooperation off.

Check out their insurance scheme

The janitors you will employ might eventually make a mistake or two! It should be much less likely for professionals, but it can still happen. Even the moving experts from Excalibur Moving and Storage confess that they had accidents happen to them. And in such moments, it is a relief to know that the company you hired has a solid insurance policy that will cover the damages. Without such a safety net, you would potentially have to rely on the court of law to cover your losses. And that would only cause further damage. In reputation if not wealth.

Going over an insurance scheme, an important step before you choose a janitorial service for your business
With good insurance, you will have peace of mind!

Try to learn about their turnover rate

There are several reasons why this is important. Firstly, frequent turnover means a lot of time wasted re-training the new staff. Or at least a lot of effort expended on getting them to follow the particular guidelines applicable to your business. Secondly, it often indicates some issues the janitorial service faces since they cannot hang onto their employees. Finally, you will not be sure the employees will be trustworthy. You will likely have to allow them access to your offices after hours. This requires a lot of trust since plenty of sensitive information could be accessed this way. If employees are steady, you will get to know them and be sure they can be relied on. 

Make sure they will be available when you need them

Work out the times you will be expecting their services at the very start. An essential aspect of how to choose a janitorial service for your business is ensuring they will be available when you need them. After all, the availability of services is a crucial advantage when running a business. For instance, there are several reasons why you should start a business in Maryland. The first one is that Maryland is full of opportunities, including the fantastic services it provides! Also, it is an excellent place for female entrepreneurs to open their companies. But to illustrate why exemplary services are essential. It can be disastrous for your image if you have an important meeting coming up yet can’t clean up a mess in time! Contracts have been lost over less.

See how prepared they are to communicate

Speaking of guidelines and rules you wish to lay down for the teams working in your office, it is crucial to find out how willing the janitorial service is to listen. They might insist on doing things a particular way and refuse to hear your suggestions even if they were made out of sincere need and desire for further cooperation. You will, thankfully, be able to learn a lot about this from both the first few meetings and the references you had secured.

A productive meeting between business partners
Good communication leads to long-term cooperation!

Find out if they have all the required equipment

Your business might have delicate or special equipment you need for your work. However, this can make cleaning difficult. Such specialized equipment often, in turn, requires specialized cleaning equipment to avoid damaging it. Even computers and keyboards need somewhat careful handling, not to mention anything more complex or really sensitive and prone to damage. If you handle such equipment and require it cleaned regularly, you want to make sure any janitorial service you hire can meet your needs. 

Keep your options open

Our final piece of advice is no less important than any other aspect of choosing a janitorial service for your business. Namely, it would be best if you always had at least a couple of different janitorial services in mind. Never be drawn in by a seemingly stellar presentation and decide to contract a service immediately! Doing so might end up leading you to miss out on a much better option. Of course, you should not doggedly pursue ever better terms. But do not quickly settle for any one of your options, either.

Final Considerations

This concludes our guide on how to choose a janitorial service for your business! However, what we advise you to focus on the most, in addition to cost and quality of service, is reliability. You want to work with people willing to go the mile for you. With those who reliably go out of their way to help meet the needs of your business. If you can find a trustworthy partner like that, then your business will only benefit!

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